Antonio Abel-Lipschutz


4 thoughts on “Antonio Abel-Lipschutz

  1. What’s up bud. How are things going? What did you end up doing for those couple of free days you had? Thanks for finding my wallet for me. Did your mom mention to me she had friends that are coming next week that I can get these donations to?


    • Hey Beau,
      Things are going great. We stayed at the base, and then we went to the ruins. We were actually were able to stay on the base and we really enjoyed it. Yeah, some people from Sioux Center coming next week. I’m sure if you contacted Deb, she could connect you with one of the people coming here. Talk to you later Dog.


  2. What are “the ruins”? Sounds kind of desolate :/ Hows the new group? What are you guys working on? Was last week busier than this week? Man, I know they’re feeding you good down there! Eating three times a day isn’t normal to me. The food there is great!


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