Joycelyn Haage


3 thoughts on “Joycelyn Haage

  1. We hope the rest of your trip goes well. We could use you back at home. The boy both had strep I sat at the clinic for 3 hours on Thurs after Connor was sick all night and Elliott had an earache. Boys are great now but and I’m feeling it. Keep posting it’s wounderful to hear how things are going.


  2. The computer blog isn’t working correctly, so I will post a short note. We are all alive and well, except a few who fell over the cliff………The fact that we made our flight to Guatemala is nothing short of a miracle. The flight from Cedar Rapids to Dallas was delayed mutliple times because of the ice, and we ended up arriving in Dallas 20 minutes after the Guatemala flight departed….but in the end, miracle after miracle happened to get us back on the flight….more explanation later. We spent the last 3 days building houses in a very poor, remote village, where the heat was overwhelming. Now we are at the “mission base” up in the mountains, where it is quite cool, and are headed out for medical/dental clinics today and tomorrow in 2 different villages. It feels like a resort after where we were staying. Keep us in your prayers….having a wonderful mission trip.


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