Marianne Abel-Lipschutz


7 thoughts on “Marianne Abel-Lipschutz

  1. Good morning! It’s Saturday (I think) and we are back at home base, a chilly, cloudy morning quite different from the warm, humid canyon of San Ramon. Wow! What a range of experiences we’ve had. Yesterday was Dedication Day and all the families accepted Christ into their lives. The trek up the canyon from house one all the way to house five reminded me of the walk to Calvary. Of course we cannot suffer the ways Jesus did, but the Mayans live a hard and rugged life. Still, they have joy etched in their hearts and now they have hope alongside that.
    It was a spectacular day, high sky and bright sun, in the mid-90s, hotter than expected at this time of year. Every once in awhile, a powerful wind rushed through the trees and swirled up a cloud of wonder; I thought it was the Holy Spirit right there with us. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be back in San Ramon and to spend time with individual families. It is good to know people by name, to recognize the things they like, to work with them all day, and to feel connected through smiles and love. I thank God for these beautiful days!


  2. It’s so good to read your posts…almost like being there! You will have to write a book about the trips to Guatemala. We keep you in our prayers. Back here in Nebraska – we are finally getting some nice warm, sunny days and it’s welcome. Hi to Antonio.


    • Thanks so much for remembering us in your prayers and thoughts. Looking fwd to visiting in person in Long Pine hopefully later this spring. We are so enjoying getting to know Stan and serving together. Off to devos and lunch then a clinic day in a village near where we were yesterday. Good thing God has all this planned out cuz I can hardly keep the days straight 🙂


  3. It sounds so interesting. I hope everyone is able to handle the heat and hard work.
    Miss talking to you. Tell Harry, Antonio, and Larry hi for me.
    Take care.


    • Hi Pauline! what fun to hear from you. We miss talking with you also but are keeping up a running conversation with Larry. You would have split your sides laughing yesterday when he was playing Duck, Duck, Goose, and the other circle games we played. He has a big heart for kids and laughter.
      We are having an amazing time here. Last night in the van on the ride home, Harry was telling me an insight he had about something that happened last week. I had completely packed that week away in my heart, being more fully here this week with this team as if I had miraculously arrived with them on Tuesday! I couldn’t believe the whole experience he was talking about was underneath all the big days and encounters of this week, It is INTENSE!
      We have been hearing reports about weather conditions and all that in Iowa. Larry told us you had extra shoveling to do with your brothers gone. Hope all that has lifted and the extra labor is gone. Gotta get some breakfast here now. Blessings to you this lovely Sunday! Keep in touch! Love–M


  4. Hi – It sounds like your having some fun. I haven’t thought about Duck, Duck, Goose for years.
    I am looking forward to hearing the details of your experience.
    The snow is melting don’t think I’ll have to shovel anymore at least I hope not.
    I have a 4 year step-granddaughter in the hospital with RSV she was suppose to get out
    today but had to go back on oxygen last night so they are going keep her in the hospital which
    I think is a good idea until they know for sure she is on the mend she was a very sick little girl.
    Today I went to my step grandson’s Birthday party (different family) it was an interesting
    combination of people but it was fun and good to see my step daughter and her boys.
    Your in my thoughts and prayers.


  5. Hello Marianne, I just wanted you to know you guys are most definitely in my prayers. We hope you have a blessed week and one of many God sightings. Please tell Harry, Antonio, Dan, Anya, Justin, Vicky and all the other staff that we will continue to pray for them and what a privilege it was to serve with them. God bless. Stan.


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