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  1. These first 2 days have been amazing Or 3 guess this day is almost over. We have all seen so many new things and met many interesting people, each in their own way. Starting off with the exciting trip here. In the airports we were held back for many reasons which will take way to to talk about and we almost didn’t make it down here for our first day of work. We did arrive in San Ramon at 2 in the morning finally to sleep. More maybe later tonight, but we are about to do devotions.


  2. The first morning in San Ramon came 7. We were told that we would be able to sleep until 8 and start around nine. We still started later even though we got up earlier. We got moving fast. Our leader pushed us hard and it was fun to be able to do our best to keep up with her. The house walls came up fast and the house came right together with minimal error. Great lunch of rice and beans on my new favorite tortillas. Then back to work. By the end of the day we ended up with all the walls up and drywall on the inside and out. This included hundreds of screws. We also got up our patio and then split up to help other groups because we were done before everyone else. We got done and took some cold showers and had supper. The nightly devotions are very inspiring and change my outlook on life in such a positive way. Great nights sleep.


    • Hi Nathan! It’s so good to hear from you. Thank you for the detail on your trip. How amazing that you guys were able to catch your last flight. Sounds like you are enjoying the food. Sounds like the weather is chillier in the place you are now. Interesting how there can be such a contrast in the weather from where you were yesterday. I look forward to hearing from you again. Love Mom


  3. Hi Nathan, sounds like your crew works very well together to get so much done in one day! Glad you were able to make the flight and get there on time. Will be looking forward to more of your experiences.
    BTW~~~Andrew got to see a fantastic Hawkeye game today. They were hot! Hope the Iowa wrestlers do well also.
    Love and prayers for all of you!
    Gma Cindy


  4. Hi Nathan, I just read Bridget’s blog. Sounds like yesterday was very busy. Your group is touching lots of lives. Prayers continue for all of you. Enjoy your free day tomorrow. Love you! Gma Cindy


  5. Yesterday the 7th was a very touching day. We got to go a village and play with the kids for hours. The dental and medical (more of a pharmacy) were up and running in a school that we used as our base for our time there. After all of the people that needed to be seen were helped, the villagers all sat and watched a projected movie about the life of Jesus. After that we all sang in English in front of them. Then one of our pastor type from pbm gave a very strong message to the villagers about how Jesus can save them if they accept Him. After that the pastor call all those who believed in Him to come forward to be prayed upon. Most people went forth and accepted Jesus as their savior, which was very powerful knowing that we can touch them with His power. Their was one family that sat though the entire movie, through the “sermon”, and accepted our gifts we presented to them and their village. This family, as they were called to come forward and accept Jesus, did not come forth. This was very upsetting to me. We came and offered gifts and medical attention and what we had to present to them and after all that they don’t believe that something brought us to them. They think that somehow by chance we ended up their. Please pray for this family and for all families to accept Him! Please pray tonight the 8th that once more we can touch many more people as we head out once more to another village.


  6. Nathan,
    Thank you for your update. I understand that it can be frustrating when the family you talked of did not accept God, especially after all your group has done for them. But think of the gifts God gives to all of us and how many times we continue to not show our gratefulness. Many times it takes us a very long time to understand what we’ve been provided. Everyday I’m sure I don’t show to God the thankfulness he deserves. I just take for granted what I’ve been given: a job, a home, a supportive family, a vehicle, warm showers…….. All we can do is continue to pray for the family you speak of. But it seems that God is also providing an environment for you to learn about the love God shares with all of us. It also seems God is providing you an opportunity to use the talents you’ve been given.


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