Stan McNabb


10 thoughts on “Stan McNabb

  1. Well, we love you too! We’re definitely praying and missing you. Things are going well here and we can’t wait to hear how you’re doing.


    • Hello family! Wow it’s been an incredible last 2 days in San Ramon. Lots of hard but rewarding work with the family we had. A ton of God moments! I have lots of stories and pictures to share with you guys when i come home. I love you all very much and miss you too. Keep the prayers coming for the team and the staff of PBM, and for the people we will be seeing and hanging out with at the medical and dental clinics over the next two days. We can feel them. I can’t wait to share what God did and is doing with His people. Love you family!!!


      • You made my night! It is so good to hear from you and hear that God is working. We are praying all the time and can wait to see you. I miss you but I’m happy that you experiencing some God moments.


  2. So good to hear from you! You and all the folks you are working with are in our prayers. Thank you for all you are doing – God bless you for it!


  3. Josh wanted to thank you for calling this morning and let you know that he had a really good birthday. Leah wants to tell you that she really loves you and really misses you and will be praying for you a lot. It was a great day and we are praying for you, the team, staff, and the people to whom you are ministering. Love you


  4. Hi all! An amazing day and night last night in a little town called Santa Rosa. A spiritually dark place, but God shined His light as at least half if not more came forward to accept Jesus Christ. There were a lot of tears, hugs, and love last night. What an honor to be part of Gods team here in Guatemala. Keep the prayers coming and i love and miss all of you. See you soon.


  5. I’ve been thinking a lot about you today, looking forwarding to seeing you and hoping that things are going well. Mostly I feel a little sad for you. I’m sure it will be difficult to leave everyone and the ministry there. We are still praying for you and everyone involved with PBM. Can’t wait to see you! Love you


    • Well, He did it again! God showed me that He is bigger than any situation set before us. After arriving at the village, there was just a different atmosphere. Kind of dark if you no what i mean. My first thought was that nothing much was going to happen as far as people coming forward to accept Christ. I had to pray and apologize to the Lord for doubting after around half of the 80 people living in this village came and gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Amazing to watch as God makes us humble with His Power and love. I miss you and will see you soon. Have a great day family.


  6. It is great to hear what God is doing and that you get to be a part of it. It is also great to hear of God using you in such an amazing way. I pray you get home safely. Thinking a lot about you. I’m excited to hear all about it and see the pictures. Love you brother!


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